Before you start

To allow the integration between Amazon Connect and SAP CRM you will need to open two browser tabs, one for SAP CRM UI and one for Contact Center Custom CCP, and should keep them opened during all the period your using the Contact Center integration.

You will be able to accept, reject, transfer... calls from any of the 2 browser pages but to simplify the process you can work with Interaction Center while keeping the Console CCP minimized.


SAP CRM Interaction CenterContact Center CCP
SAP CRM UIContact Center Custom CCP

Browser Recomendations

Even though you can work with any browser supported by SAP, we recommend to use the following browsers in each component:

Prepare to use Contact Center

Follow these steps to start working with Contact Center:

Open SAP CRM Interaction Center

Follow these steps to access the Interaction Center:

  • Open your SAP CRM Interaction Center. If no customization has been done in your SAP CRM UI, the URL you need to access will probably look something like this:
  • Log In with your SAP agent's user and password.
  • Once you have accessed, ensure the Work Modes combo box is shown in the top-right corner of the screen. If you do not see it, contact your SAP Administration team to review the SAP CRM configuration Steps.

Open Contact Center CCP

Follow these steps:

  • Open the Contact Center CCP by opening your tenant CCP URL. You will need to ask your administration team for your tenant URL, this information can be found in the license details in the CxLink Portal. The URL has the following format:

  • Once an agent accesses the CCP, a popup window will open and they will be asked to log in into the Amazon Connect system. As this is part of the customer landscape, the agent credentials must also be managed by the customer from the Amazon Connect instance itself.

    Contact Center CCP

    Login Pop Up does not appear

    If you do not see the login window, please make sure the following:

    • The popup window might have opened in the background, check for any open windows of your browser that might be hidden behind the current main browser window.

    • The browser might be blocking the automatic opening of popup windows, check if there is any warning on the navigation bar alerting of it. If it has been blocked, allow the popup windows for this site and refresh/reload the page.

    • There might be some stored cookies in your browser that inform the application that a login is not needed. Clean the browser cache for the site and refresh/reload the page.

  • The popup window will close itself automatically and, if the SAP CRM session is active, it will show the telephony area, like this:

    CTI Connected

  • If your browser asks you to allow the use of the microphone, ensure that you Allow it.

  • If it is the first time the agent is logging in, the CCP will show a short form asking for the agent’s access information to the SAP CRM. This is needed in order for the CxLink Contact Center API to map the Amazon Connect users with the SAP CRM users and route the communication accordingly. This information is then stored and will not be asked anymore.

    • SAP Username: the agent’s username in the SAP CRM
    • SAP Password: the agent’s password in the SAP CRM
  • Change the SAP CRM Interaction Center to Ready

  • You are now ready to start receiving calls.