What is CxLink Contact Center?

CxLink Contact Center is a SAP Certified product that integrates Amazon Connect with SAP CRM, implementing the ICI protocol interface. This means that you can now use Amazon Connect as your contact center solution and connect it with your SAP CRM, so that when your agents receive a call from a customer, they will immediately see all the customer’s information.

This way, the agents can use the CRM standard contact center features, such as creating customer related tickets, transferring calls to other agents, and so on, while, at the same time, leveraging all of the capabilities and benefits of Amazon Connect as a cloud-based contact center.

Service in preview

This service is temporarily in preview. If you are interested in joining the service preview, please contact us.

CxLink Contact Center Technical Diagram

Key Features & Benefits

  • Serverless. No maintenance or hardware provision needed.
  • Cost Efficient. Adjust resources to your real needs to reduce the costs.
  • Multi-Tenant supported. Deploy as many CxLink Contact Center instances as you need.
  • Certified by SAP. Solution verified and certified by SAP.
  • Cloud Native. Designed and Implemented as a cloud native solution.


CxLink Contact Center is a Software as a Service product, which means, it is hosted in the cloud and consumed as a service on demand.

It is composed of basically two main parts: the Amazon Connect custom CCP, which acts as a digital phone device, or softphone, and the middleware API, that connects with the Amazon Connect API and the SAP CRM ICI webservices.

CxLink Contact Center also uses a small database to store the necessary configuration for each integration to work properly, but no customers’ or agents’ data is ever stored there.

The Amazon Connect instance and the SAP CRM are not part of the product, they are both on the customer’s landscape, and CxLink Contact Center does not care where they are or whether the SAP is cloud-based or on-premise.

The voice from the phone calls never passes through the CxLink Contact Center servers, it is transmitted from the devices (both the customer’s phone and the CCP on the agent’s browser) directly to the Amazon Connect instances, who manage the phone calls internally.

This way your customer’s confidential information is safe within the limits of your own environment.


Custom CCP

A custom Contact Control Panel (CCP), a highly modified version of the Amazon Connect default, that allows agents to interact with customer contacts. It’s the agents' access point to the system, the visible part of the product. It's how they receive and manage calls, chat with contacts, transfer them to other agents, put them on hold, and perform other key tasks.

The CCP URL is listed in the Syntax Console, within the tenant properties. This URL will be used by the Contact Center agents.

Middleware API

The business logic that acts as a connector between the Amazon Connect and the SAP CRM systems. This is the main connector between the two systems.

The API URL is listed in the Syntax Console, within the tenant properties. This URL will be used during the SAP CRM configuration, but does not need to be used or accessed by any end user.

Configuration Database

A database where is stored the configuration needed to connect data from both systems (Amazon Connect and SAP CRM) and create a seamless interaction between them. This includes system urls, agents usernames, workflows, etc. Only the middleware API can access this database.

This configuration is made via the Syntax Console, after purchasing and activating the corresponding license.

Compatibility Matrix

Control Center currently supports the following SAP CRM versions:

  • SAP Customer Relationship Management 7.0 with Enhacement Package 1 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP CRM 7.0, version for SAP HANA
  • SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management (all versions supported)

ICI Version

The versions listed above all work with SAP IC Web Client 3.07 version (included in SAP CRM installations)