What are SAP Preinstalled AMIs?

Syntax SAP Preinstalled AMIs deliver fresh installations of SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite products such as SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA and SAP CRM.

All AMIs have been installed by a team of experienced SAP Basis and AWS Consultants including all available best practices for deployment of SAP systems on AWS.

SAP Preinstalled AMIs are suitable for deploying small to midsize SAP systems running on a single EC2 instance. All software is delivered in a single EC2 instance. Storage layout has been prioritized to reduce costs and not to maximize performance. For this reasons, SAP Preinstalled AMIs are best suited for non- production SAP systems with no requirements for high performance. Production SAP systems are recommended to be deployed in High Availability and prioritize performance of storage subsystem. For production use cases and high availability scenarios we recommend the usage of custom built systems that follow the best practices delivered by SAP and AWS and are available on: http://aws.amazon.com/es/sap/resources/open in new window

At Syntax we can also offer custom deployment options for large-scale, highly available and replicated SAP systems on AWS. You can reach us at contact@linkeit.com


This guide introduces a product offering by Syntax and will guide the reader through the process of setting up and deploying our product. It is assumed that the reader has the proper technical knowledge on the technologies mentioned below including but not restricted to: AWS architecture, Linux, Microsoft Windows, SAP Basis technology, Hana Database and SQL Server Database.

Licensing - Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

SAP Preinstalled AMIs do not include the corresponding SAP or database license. Operating systems license costs are charged as part of EC2 costs for you. You as a customer acknowledge that you already have the license required to use this software. Also, you will be responsible for operating your own AWS account. Please obtain your SAP license through SAP or your preferred SAP partner. Then download your license file from SAP ONE Support Launchpad https://launchpad.support.sap.com/open in new window


SAP Preinstalled AMIs costs can be differentiated into two groups.

  • AWS Costs: This includes all AWS related costs applied to your AWS account. Most relevant costs under this group are EC2 costs, EBS costs and Data Transfer costs.

  • Software Costs: This is an extra charge on top of EC2 costs that covers the working hours and effort invested to setup and deliver the SAP Preinstalled AMIs to you on the AWS Marketplace. All costs are billed to you through your AWS account following AWS payment and billing procedures setup for your account.

Control Costs

You will be responsible for operating your AWS account and you will have to pay for the hosting costs. In order to control your costs, we suggest you stop your instance when you are not using it. Starting your instance just takes a few minutes, so you can fire it up when you need it. To stop your instance, find it in the AWS console, right click the instance and choose "Stop" from the context menu. To start it again, choose "Start" from the same context menu. Be aware that AWS also charges you very little money for stopped instances - if you want to stop using your SAP instance on AWS, and you don't want to pay any more monthly bills, make sure to terminate your instance. It will then be permanently deleted. To terminate your instance, choose "Terminate" from the context menu. AWS also provides tools to monitor your usage, so there are no surprises when you get your monthly bill - from your "My Account / Console" menu on the top right corner of the screen on http://aws.amazon.comopen in new window, choose "Account Activity" and you will see your activity for the current month.

Architecture Highlights

The SAP system is installed using the best practices and recommendations from SUSE Linux and HANA DB for SAP.