What is CxLink Documents

SAP application documents such as Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Order and so on use common functions such as create attachments, list attachments, show links to an internet address and display associated workflows. The Generic Object Services toolbox provides these functions. Syntax CxLink Documents leverages a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster document storage, access and recovery of SAP data. It is not a separate product; it is integrated into your SAP environment for easy access.

With CxLink Documents, you can easily define retention policies for all of your SAP documents, linking the policies to the S3 storage classes to optimize cost savings.

Even more critical, CxLink Documents is an SAP native application, written in ABAP and leveraging the ABAP SDK for AWS. As such, it is an SAP-certified solution available in both the AWS Marketplace and the SAP App Center.

In addition, CxLink Documents is managed by Syntax and is regularly updated with the latest AWS and SAP features and functions, providing the most robust document management solution available.

Key Features and Benefits

CxLink Datalakes allows you to natively connect your SAP Server to both Amazon S3 or Amazon Kinesis services as the target for the ยบ

Compatibility Matrix

CxLink Datalakes is currently supported in the following SAP Products and DMIS versions:

  • SAP SLT Server DMIS version 2011 SP15 or higher installed either on the source SAP system (embedded) or as a dedicated SLT hub system.

  • Your source SAP system is SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA, which supports DMIS 2011 SP15 or above (DMIS 2018, DMIS 2020) CxLink Documents can be used to work with:

  • Attachments

  • Bussiness Documents

  • ArchiveLink