Amazon Web Services

The following section is intended to help you troubleshoot problems while settings AWS Credentials and Permissions.


ImportError: No module named awscli.clidriver

  • Symptom

    You try to configure AWS profile as the authentication method and you get the following error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/bin/aws", line 19, in <module>
        import awscli.clidriver
    ImportError: No module named awscli.clidriver
  • Cause

    HANA Uses Python version 2.x, AWS CLI driver uses Python3.

  • Solution

    To be able to configure credentials, we have to temporarily unset Python 2 and enable Python 3 environment variables. To do so:

    unset PYTHONHOME
    unset PYTHONPATH
    export PATH=/usr/bin/python3:$PATH
    aws  configure --profile emory

TotalPartsExceeded: exceeded total allowed configured MaxUploadParts (10000)

  • Symptom

    Backups fails when uploading to S3 and you see the following error on emory log file:

    ErrorMsg="aws.UploadObject: Error while uploading objects to AWS. Additional Information: MultipartUpload: upload multipart failed
        upload id: _EHp7lQOJEXA4TJB9xhDXmzb06UCNftERuTegG7.DT2QM_SlCq0ffV0h......UXIz6lJaYTl5SYWn5UAtPycxiTQaU.jaaFyckX5.v4gV1T9ClBzw--
        caused by:* TotalPartsExceeded: exceeded total allowed configured MaxUploadParts (10000). Adjust PartSize to fit in this limit" 
    Hint="Check that the server has the correct permissions"* 
  • Cause

    AWS S3 SDK upload function can handle a file which size is at maximum MemoryBufferSize * 10.000 bytes. So your MemoryBufferSize configuration parameter will define which is your maximum file size that emory will be able to upload correctly. By default, depending on your database engine, this parameter will be:

    EngineSize (Bytes)Maximum file size to upload (GBytes)


    Minimum value for MemoryBuffer size is 5242880 bytes.

  • Solution: Depending on the database: