Licensing Policy

To use CxLink Backup, you must obtain a license key and install it on CxLink Backup Agent. If the license is not installed in the agent, the product will not be able to perform backup or restores operations.

Licensing policy, as part of General Software Subscription Agreement (“EULA”)open in new window, defines the specific licensing terms and conditions for your use of Veeam software products and documentation (collectively, “Software”)


License Offering

Syntax offers the following types of licenses for CxLink Backup:

  • Subscription license - with validity during the subscription term.
  • Trial license - for product evaluation. Valid for 15 days from the moment of the trial contract validation.

Database Instance Licensing

CxLink Backup can be licensed by the number of database instances. A license is used to identity each database instance.

You must obtain as many licenses as database instances you want to perform backups.

You can reuse any license in a different database instance if needed, by revoking one from an existing environment and use the newly

License Calculation

The following chart tries to explain in detail what a database instance means related to CxLink Backup licenses.

Database InstanceNumber of licensesDescription
SAP HANA Single Node Database1Valid for Multitenant or Single Tenant environments
SAP HANA Multiple-host (distributed) System1 x HostAn individual license is needed per host in the multi-host environment. (For instance, 5 hosts=5 licenses)
SAP ASE database instance1
Oracle database instance1Only supported for Oracle for SAP Servers (BRToools based)

** If multiple database instances are running in the same physical or virtual host, each database instance will need one individual license

Multiple Year Subscription

Multiyear Subscriptions with Upfront Billing contain all years in one SKU. Customer commits to pay for the entire length of the contract upfront. Multiyear Subscriptions with Annual Billing require all yearly options to be purchased together on initial order. Customer commits to pay annual amount by the yearly anniversary each year for the length of contract.

AWS Billing considerations

Amazon will charge the customer monthly for the amount of data stored in their S3 Buckets according to S3 pricingopen in new window model.


Syntax has two support programs available for all Offerings: Basic and Enterprise. Each product provides a guarantee for support via Web, E-mail and Phone. Support for Customers with the Basic support model.

All new product releases and maintenance updates are available for our customers during the lifetime of a subscription. Subscription includes a Production or Basic Support and Maintenance agreement for the full term of the license.