Subscription Model

All CxLink services are based on a subscription model and in order to use a service you must have a valid and active contract.

Service Specifics

You can find specific licensing information in the corresponding Licensing section of each service.


About Contracts

A contract defines the agreement with the End User license agreement (EULA) of the product, including pricing, duration and quantity of licenses terms. You can find the agreement document below, at End User License Agreement (EULA) sub-section.

This Agreement shall remain in force until the expiration or early termination of the order.

Contracts are the most basic licensing unit, these in turn are made up of one or more licenses. A contract determines the current satus of its licenses, the origin through which the licenses were obtained and establishes a period of validity of these.

How to obtain a contract

The contracts purchase methods will depend on the service, in its Service Hub page you can find the different methods.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

The following document provides information about our standard terms and conditions for Syntax solutions.

About Licenses

Licenses are the main licensing mechanisms, they are included in a contract, and determine, through their dimension, the type of hosts that can be linked to it.

License Dimension

Dimensions are the main attribute of a license, they determine the restrictions that the hosts that will use said license must comply with. Each service specifies a certain different set of dimensions.

A dimension establishes the minimum requirements to be met by the hosts that will use that license. These requirements may vary depending on the service, that is why each service has a certain set of dimensions with its specific restrictions.