Licensing Policy

CxLink Contact Center is currently available as a Software as a Service product subscription from AWS Marketplace.


License Offering

Syntax offers the following types of licenses for CxLink Contact Center:

  • Subscription license - with validity during the subscription term.
  • Trial license - for product evaluation. Valid for 15 days from the moment of the trial contract validation.

Tenant Sizes

Instance dimensionConcurrent agent calls
XS1 to 5
S30 to 40
MUp to 100
LUp to 200
XLUp to 500

Subscription periods

The subscriptions can be made for different periods, with better pricing the longer the period:

  • 1 month → monthly price
  • 12 months → 10 * monthly price → 17% discount
  • 24 months → 25% discount
  • 36 months → 33% discount

The subscriptions are renewable, but are paid in full in advance, so cancelling a subscription early does not allow for a refund of the unused period.

Units and Dimensions

A subscription can include as many units as needed. One unit corresponds exactly to one license for Linke, which in turns corresponds to one pair of Amazon Connect / SAP CRM instances to connect via CxLink Contact Center.

Each unit has a dimension, which corresponds to the desired instance size. This size is determined to match the customer’s contact center size and workload. Purchasing a smaller size than needed can cause service shortages due to lack of infrastructure resources.

For additional information on the available dimensions / sizes, see the section.