How to purchase licenses

To use CxLink Backup, you must obtain a license key and install it on CxLink Backup Agent. If the license is not installed in the agent, the product will not be able to perform backup or restores operations.


Purchase via Syntax Sales

Choose one of the following options to purchase licenses direclty with us:

Purchase via AWS Marketplace

Follow these steps to purchase CxLink ABAP Suite Licenses from the AWS Marketplace:

  • Access the AWS Marketplace Console in new window
  • Search for “CxLink Backup for SAP Databases” or access directly to the product page: AWS Marketplace direct linkopen in new window
  • Enter the product page and select Continue to Subscribe.
  • In the Configure your Software Contract section, select the number of units (licenses) of each size that you want to subscribe to based on your needs (you will need one license per each SAP CRM / Amazon Connect instance pair that you want to integrate), and select also the contract duration.
  • Review the Total Contract Price and the number of units to be purchased.
  • Press Create Contract.
  • Confirm again the contract agreement by pressing Buy Now.
  • Once confirmed, you need to activate and configure your license from the Syntax Console page. To do so, press Setup your Account.
  • You will be redirected to the CxLink Portal
  • Follow the steps in the Portal user guide to register and assign your purchase.

Purchase via SAP Store

To purchase CxLink Backup Licenses from the SAP App Center:

  • Navigate to in new window
  • Search for “CxLink Backup” in the store and either:
    • Click on Contact Us purchasing option.
    • Fill the form in order to get the user’s info.
  • An email will be sent to our Sales Team and one of our Sales Representatives will contact you in a short term.