Latest: 2402.12 Onigiri

2402.12 Onigiri

  • Windows MSSQLS: Implement check to be sure that number of execution threads is at least 1
  • Windows MSSQLS: Implement backup dashboard notification during execution

2312.20 Udon

  • Oracle RMAN compatibility (Linux)
  • SNS notifications Filter added to send only errors in backups
  • Fix: Error loading libstdc++ libraries when executing emory.exe (Windows)
  • DB2 backup process improvement during data upload to storage provider (Linux)
  • Internal product improvements

2306.12 Sushi

  • Microsoft Windows compatibility. Supported databases: Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server compatibility (Windows only)
  • Fix: Backups lifecycle autodelete functionlity fails for big CxLink Backup catalog files
  • Fix: HANA System Copy fails downloading catalog from provider

2304.11 Kimchi

  • DB2 for HA supported. Refer to DB2 High Availability for more information
  • DB2 backup/restore operations for non-SAP databases is now allowed


SAPSYSTEMNAME environment variable is not used anymore for DB2 databases.

Files under conf directory will automatically migrated to a new name based on DB2INSTANCE environment variable instead.

Also backups will be saved to a new folder defined by DB2INSTANCE. Previous backups will remain under their original locations defined by SAPSYSTEMNAME and can be recovered normally.

  • Oracle restore process optimized for better performance


  • DB2 redirected restore fix

2301.27 Maki

  • DB2 System copy catalog download fix
  • DB2 Improvement on logging messages
  • DB2 Verify backup images downloading to local disk and launching db2ckbkp
  • DB2 backup process fixes
  • DB2 restore process fixes
  • DB2 memory segmentation faults. Sometimes memory segmentation faults, not afecting to normal CxLink Backup operation, were reported in DB2 logs when sessions ended
  • DB2 backup, restore and log archiving operations optimized for large databases
  • CxLink Backup DB2 library splitted. Due to performance issues CxLink Backup DB2 functionalities have been splitted into a new library
  • CxLinkBackup Configuration files automigration method on RPM installation
  • CxLinkBackup Catalog file automigration method on RPM installation
  • CxLinkBackup Changelog added to RPM query option: rpm -q --changes emory-1.0-ZZXX.YY.x86_64.rpm
  • CxLinkBackup Retry 3 times on Backup Object failure with 60 seconds interval
  • CxLinkBackup AWS SDK Debug logs enabled on S3 operations


As DB2 library file name has changed, some configuration adjustments must be performed under your systems:

  • If you are scheduling your backups using shell scripts, change db2 command load directive from /opt/emory/lib/ to /opt/emory/lib/
  • Change DB2 log archiving methods (LOGARCHMETH1 and/or LOGARCHMETH2 DB2 parameters) from VENDOR:/opt/emory/lib/ to VENDOR:/opt/emory/lib/

2211.08 Teriyaki

  • Fix log error on succesfull backup
  • Fix on configuration migration process between versions
  • Fix when launching normal backups when system recovery profile is set
  • Fix UNIQUE constraint failed on catalog


  • DB2 system copy process fixed. Sometimes system copy catalog was downloaded but not used
  • Memory usage for DB2 backup process optimized
  • DB2 multiple I/O sessions for incremental backups restore process issue fixed. In certain circumstances, DB2 stores some of the backup files as 4 kb header only files and CxLink Backup was not able to read those properly
  • Azure defaults for DB2 changed
  • Azure non-interactive provider settings from command line fixed
  • System copy non-interactive provider settings from command line fixed
  • [internal] DB2 ci/cd automated testing improved


  • DB2 backup/restore/archive processes improved
  • DB2 multiple I/O sessions for backup/restore fixed and improved
  • Azure data transfer (upload/download) improved
  • [internal] DB2 ci/cd automated testing implemented
  • [internal] MaxDB ci/cd automated testing implemented
  • [internal] Fix Azure unit test


  • Fix Azure Storage Access Tier management during uploads


  • Fix Azure connection issues
  • Upgrade Azure libraries
  • Upgrade Go framework to 1.18.4


  • Fix: HANA catalog lifecycle is not calculated properly


  • Fix: HANA logs lifecycle is not calculated properly


  • Optional release. CxLink Backup configuration file minor fix


  • Refactoring and optimization
  • DB2 compatibility
  • MaxDB compatibility
  • Azure compatibility
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Expired backups automatic deletion
  • Troubleshooting package generator


  • Fix Oracle restore to new destination bug


  • Internal catalog management improvements
  • HANA data autodiscover improvements
  • Fix Oracle backup dashboard notifications


  • AWS SNS notifications added
  • Sybase dashboard notifications fix
  • Weekly lifecycle on tuesdays error fix


  • Catalog file backup
  • Internal catalog management fixes
  • AWS dashboard data sending improvements
  • Online license check improvements
  • Upload existing backups to dashboard using interactive settings


  • Disables HANA Catalog backup notification to Console Dashboard
  • Now you can configure wich type of backups you can notify to Console Dashboard, LOG type, others or both of them.
  • Enable emory debug traces log using CxLink Backup settings wizard


  • Race condition fix for parallel processes trying to access local CxLink Backup backups database - emory.db


  • LinkeIT Console backups dashboard notification fix for HANA Databases. In special scenarios backup end message was not send to
  • LinkeIT Console backups dashboard making the backup to remain in Started status even when the backup is done.


  • New configuration model
  • [Azure] Storage on Azure container


  • Hana backint Certified by SAP
  • Oracle backint Certified by SAP
  • Sybase Library for backups
  • Backups Lifecycle
  • Oracle Backup Compression
  • Sybase Backup Compression
  • OnPremise Backup/Restore (Configuring AWS credentials with AWS Cli)
  • Unattended licensing
  • Backups Dashboard via LinkeIT Console Web
  • CLI CxLink Backup Catalog Management
  • [AWS] Data Storage on S3 Bucket
  • [AWS] KMS Encryption support
  • [AWS] Access other AWS account resources via AssumeRole (S3/KMS and SNS Topic )